Hi, everyone! | Всем, Привет!

  • A couple weeks ago I have finished one of the most interesting project.

Вот и завершился один из увлекательных проектов Hashatit.com. Основная цель, показать как легко можно работать с хештегами используя вебсайт. Для этого было разработана семейка Джонсонов со своими желаниями и потребностями, даже собачке Пепе удалось осуществить свою мечту. Легкий ролик для всей семьи, надеюсь он вам понравился.

  • The business, marketing and communication objectives is to show people how easy, inspiring and exciting it is to use the website www.hashatit.com to search, follow and or share a #hashtag.  The target audience are people who use social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and or Instagram.  These people are in search for likeminded people who share common interest or want to follow a #hashtag conversation.
  • The unique insight that shaped the idea was… The family is the strongest social structure in our society. And everyone has a goal to make their family happy. With this idea, Hashatit.com makes their dreams come true. Even the little dog, Pepe, was able  to find his soulmate.  With a heartwarming plot and colorful atmosphere it makes it easy to understand this concept and also show how easy it is to search, follow and or share a #hashtag at Hashatit.com.
  • P.S. we send the work to the Cannes Lions. Hoping the magic will happened